Thursday, January 14, 2021

it's cold in here

That's the current temperature in my living room. Well, close: that temperature detector is on the mantle just over the gas log fireplace, which has a constant pilot burning, and the remote that turns on the fireplace, over on an the table, shows about a degree lower. So, roughly 70 degrees in here. Yet, as I walk around the living room, I'm wearing a toboggan on my head, covering my ears, to keep them from being too cold. (I wasn't wearing it before starting laps around the house, but the motion of my head through the static air in the house is making my ears cold.) Seems strange, but it's probably a result of the blood thinners doing their job, I reckon.

Progress is being made, although I wish it were quicker. Monday at too early (I'm not used to leaving the house early, as I normally work from home) I'll be heading to the cardiac rehab center to have observed and monitored, and hopefully directed, exercise to strengthen my cardiovascular system (with, hopefully, additional benefits of overall healthiness and lower weight). Until then, I'm trying to get in some steps by pacing through the house on my own. I'm also doing ok in terms of sticking to a healthy diet (for a change), both in terms of content and consumption, quality and quantity. That effort is largely being championed and supported by my wife, who is spending a lot more time researching, shopping, prepping, and preparing heart healthy meals (currently based on the DASH diet). And while I don't recommend "heart attack" as a weight loss program, between that and the healthier eating since I'm down about 12 pounds so far. Progress!

I haven't been good about blogging in the recent past, but maybe I'll be better these days, probably chronicling my post-heart-attack journey, at least for a while. Hopefully I won't bore you with these things. And a reminder: be aware of the signs of a heart attack, and get assistance right away. Better to spend for an unnecessary trip to the doc/ER than to not spend and have your family spend for the funeral instead. Eat healthier than you think you need to, exercise, and keep up with your cholesterol levels and other blood work, especially if there's any genetic predisposition in your family history for high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

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