Saturday, August 27, 2011


While the east coast is enduring a beating at the hands of Irene, i sit in lovely (if a little warm) weather in South Alabama, sipping on a diet Coke while sitting outside Great American Cookie, wiping an ant off my arm. Earlier I was watching some videos of the weather in NC and VA (which, incidentally, is affecting gameplay in Simunomics, indirectly, as some of my fellow players brace for the storm). Irene looks like a big storm, and I always find it interesting how large the pattern of clouds and circulation are, especially in the large storms. However, it's a really nice day here in Spanish Fort (now that I'm done working on a Saturday and can get out and enjoy it).

Unrelatedly, I'm now getting offers of credit at one of the apartments that apparently shares my home address, and according to Equifax's report I moved to Michigan about a year ago (of which I was unaware). Of course, I had to pay for the report from Equifax (since I'd already used my free report in the last year).

OK, we're moving on... signing off now...

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Tony M said...

Does anyone else ever get impressed by the magnitude of these weather patterns we call hurricanes? For instance, if you took Irene and moved it west a few hundred miles and south a bit, the thing would cover the eastern US. Granted, spread further from the center, the winds aren't as powerful, but still, that's a lot of ground covered by the overall circulation pattern.