Friday, November 5, 2010

iPhone - smartphone? maybe not...

According to this report (from CNN), if you depend on your iPhone for your alarm clock to get up and go to work on Monday mornings, you should set a special alarm (non-repeating, as the issue apparently only occurs with repeating alarms) for this coming Monday, and then delete and re-add your recurring alarm, as the iPhone apparently isn't smart enough to keep up with time change. Already in Europe and Australia this has been cause for some to be late to work. (Personally, I think we should just rid ourselves of this silly DST thing anyway... it's not really that valuable any more now that we have artificial light sources.)

I really liked this line in the article, though: "If nothing else, we think the amount of interest in this glitch shows how fully dependent people have become on their smartphones.". They (CNN) even have an article about how dependent we have become on our technology.

As for me, I just want a G2 and for T-Mobile to get their high-speed mobile network into south Alabama. (The G2 isn't as slippery in the hands as my MyTouch 3G Slide, has a better processor, much more memory, and a better screen, as well as running the more recent and significantly more feature rich Android 2.2 vs. the 2.1 in my MyTouch.) Too bad I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet.

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