Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alternate Endings for and slight review of "Clash of the Titans"

Took the boys to see Clash of the Titans tonight; I thought the development of Calabos into the story was better than the original, but elsewise I prefer the original (of course, the effects were better in this one, and both stories were about at the same level of senselessness, but I felt the character development and some of the other story bits were better woven in the original).

Near the end, I came up with some alternate endings that might have added a little "zing" to it; and so, I present, my alternate endings to Clash of the Titans:

  • According to the story, Medusa's head will not turn females to stone; alternate ending #1: the Krakken is a female, Medusa's head won't stone her/it, and it either takes the princess Andromeda or destroys Argos (or maybe both).
  • Alternate ending #2: when Perseus pulls the head from the bag, he accidentally holds it backward, meeting its gaze, and turns himself to stone; the Krakken takes the princess and destroys the city.
  • Alternate ending #3: remove the "won't turn females to stone" caveat from Medusa's head; while flying across on Pegasus, Perseus accidentally reveals the head of Medusa, which casts its gaze on the princess Andromeda, and Andromeda is turned to stone; since the Krakken no longer has Andromeda to take as a sacrifice, it destroys the city (and, of course, Andromeda was turned to stone).
  • Alternate ending #4 (and this is my favorite, I think): while fumbling with the bag, Perseus accidentally drops the head of Medusa; unfortunately, it falls in front of Pegasus, turning the winged horse into stone mid-flight, and the statue Pegasus and Perseus crash into the cliff, mortally wounding our hero, who only has time to watch the Krakken take the princess Andromeda and destroy the city Argos before he falls into death's clutches.

And there you have it: my alternate endings to Clash of the Titans. Note: I did enjoy the movie, and will likely watch it again when it comes to "home theatre," but I am fairly certain I still prefer the original.
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