Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowball Warming - the buzz!

Yes, that's an intentional title: "Snowball" vs. "Global" - intending a play on the words as well as the weather. According to Wunder Blog, though, we should expect more snow in a climate that is being warmed. What? Are you really saying that? And I quote: "there will still be colder than average winters in a world that is experiencing warming" - I could agree. However, if there are "colder than average winters" - wouldn't that tend to affect the overall average? In other words, the "colder than average" would tend to depress the average (even as "global warming" is attempting to raise the average). Seems to me that it would be tough to sustain a warming trend if you're throwing in "colder than average" winters.

It also says in that article, "The strongest cold-season storms are likely to become stronger and more frequent" - really. So, the latest "global warming" threat is excessive, blizzardy snow storms across the US. That's what is supposed to scare us into 1) not using gasoline; 2) spending billions to "prevent" climate change. Hey, here's a thought: let's take those BILLIONS of dollars that are being spent on climate change programs and feed the hungry, pay teachers, and increase the pay of our way-underpaid, way-underappreciated military. Did anyone else see that American Idol episode where the girl said something like, "I never knew we were poor; I thought lots of kids didn't eat dinner"? So sad; her parents would say, "You can eat at school" - and she would save some of her school lunch for her brother to have at night. Why not spend the billions to help those kids get fed on a regular basis?

On a completely different note, have you sampled Google Buzz yet? PC World has a pretty good article on it where they say it's likely an attempt by Google to get people accustomed to a new way of working online. Google had released their "Wave" product a while back (which I have yet to sample). PC World (if I remember the article correctly) thinks that Buzz is Google's trying to warm people up to a wave-like interface. Yes, Google is attempting to take over the world. No problem, I say - they've been good to me so far.

There was something else I was going to say, but I don't remember now what it was. Oh well, I'm pretty sure no one's reading this anyway, so it doesn't really matter. :)


Marie said...

Wrong, bucko! I am not nobody. And um, I'm a little confused...maybe I'm not intellectual enough to get that global warming = lots of snow.

Tony M said...

Yeah, me, too. That whole "not intellectual enough to get that global warming = lots of snow."

Well put! (And thanks for reading.) :)

Tony M said...

A little curious: why, since Google OWNS Blogger, don't they cross-publish blog comments and linked-Buzz comments (where your blog post becomes a Buzz post if you've linked your blog to your Buzz)? That would make sense, I'd think... Google should hire me to help them think! :)