Monday, December 14, 2009

O Holy Night

The editors of [LAPSE... brain dead] (yes, I know, there is only one of me, but so often I feel like at least two different people) would like to wish all 7.32 readers of this blog the merriest of Christmas with one of the most beautiful Christmas songs, "O Holy Night." This rendition brought goose bumps to my flesh, making my skin crawl in all sorts of ways. You will simply have to listen for yourself to grasp the fullness of the moment, the emotion, the passion, and the candor of the singer. Nothing more can I say, but enjoy: "O Holy Night" (note: the video is mistitled; note: I said "mistitled" - not "mistletoe" - you are not required to kiss the person next to you while standing under this blog)

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Canada said...

Sometimes life gives us a glimpse of something so incredibly beautiful, that it is beyond the power of words to describe, something so wonderful and so exquisite, that all we can do is let our emotions and our hearts express what words cannot. The result is goosebumps and rivers of joyful tears. This is the voice and beauty of Jackie Evancho. In this wonderful Christmas CD Jackie gives us a little glimpse of Heaven as she sings "O Holy Night" in a voice so pure and clear it is like fine crystal. Her rendition is the best I have ever heard, and I predict that it will be broadcast and played in homes all across America this Holiday season. Just four tracks and a DVD of her previous appearances, but it is not to be missed. I highly recommend it.