Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Honor of My Wife's Anniversary

In honor of my wife's 18th anniversary, which also happens to be my 18th anniversary, I have uploaded a new song to my music page: "Dog Poop" (it's a love poem set to music; I'd like you to think it's an old Irish jog, but 1) it's not old; 2) it's not really Irish; 3) I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a "jig").  Note the fancy "tin whistle" part (it's near the end, so you'll have to listen to the whole thing! Haha!).

If you're reading this on Facebook, you'll probably need to visit my music site at http://musicofnoneyet.googlepages.com/ - but do it sooner rather than later, because Google is doing away with their googlepages and going to google sites instead.  Unfortunately, the fancy scripts I use on my music page won't be supported on google sites... I guess I may need to actually look into a real web host now, eh?

Dog Poop (a Love Song)

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Some info about this recording:

  • It was done in a single, separate take of each track (acoustic, vocal, tin whistle, bass, drums)
  • The acoustic, vocal, and tin whistle tracks were recorded using a PS2 Rock Band USB mic
  • Bass was done using the guitar-level input on a USB M-Audio Fast Track
  • Drums were also done using the Fast Track, but with the input switched to LINE instead of GUITAR input (in retrospect, I wonder if I should have left it at GUITAR level to boost the input signal, as it was quite low at first)
  • The DRUM track was done by my 10-year-old boy (yes, in a single take!)
  • I have performed this LIVE at a Valentine's banquet back 2004 (I think); it was quite well received (I was the comedic interlude between "real" skits by the Wall Highway Baptist Church youth drama team, led by my wife)

On a side note, if you are offended by the poor quality of the music I am creating, you can do something about it!  I will gladly accept donations to:

  • Buy better musical gear and recording equipment
  • Buy a Porsche, which will encourage me to spend more time out driving (thus away from home and making music)
  • Bribe me to quit the musical business altogether

Just let me know if you would like to make a donation and you can send it to my PayPal account.  That way I don't have to worry about meeting you in person, fearful that you might try to stop the music another way (like with a knife or a .45 or something).

Here is the text of the original poem:

Dog Poop

by A. R. Moore


I gave my lady dog poop

On our anniversary;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw the poop at me.


I gave my lady dog poop

For her birthday, by and by;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw it in my eye.


I gave my lady dog poop

As a Christmas gift so dear;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw it in my ear.


I gave my lady dog poop

As a valentine so sweet;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw it at my feet.


I gave my lady dog poop

As a new year’s gift for luck;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw it at my truck.


I gave my lady dog poop

On Halloween so quick;

She said, “You are retarded!”

Then she threw it as my trick.


I give my lady dog poop

Every chance that comes along;

She always says, “You retard!”

As she throws it back quite strong.


Copyright © 2002; you may tell others about this poem, link to it, send it in an e-mail, etc., as long as the author is given credit (what a moron, wanting credit for this poem!) and ensure that enough of this notice is included that others, when forwarding your e-mail or whatever, include enough of this notice that other to whom they forwarded the poem, when forwarding it themselves, include enough credit… you get the idea…

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Tony M said...

Hmm... seems I may have inadvertently linked the pocket furniture song instead of the dog poop song... but that's fixed now. If you didn't hear it before LISTEN AGAIN! :)

Sorry if you got it in feedburner or another RSS reader - it may not have refreshed when I updated the post. You'll have to come to my blog or my music site to hear the poopy goodness! :)