Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cell-phone Spam follow up - more info

Pursuant to the comments made on my Cell-phone Spam post, I've done a little more research. I thought you'd all like to know that the Do-Not-Call registration has been made permanent (previously the numbers would expire after something like 5 years if not re-registered). You no longer have to re-register your number. Also note: there is typically no need to register a cell (mobile) phone number, as it is already illegal for telemarketers to autodial or send autogenerated (pre-recorded or computer generated) marketing messages to your cell phone. I recommend this FCC info page about cell phones.

Also, if you want to be kept up-to-date on FCC headlines, they are online here - and check out this FCC site (near the bottom of the page) for telemarketing-related updates. Or you can subscribe to the FCC daily digest on this page - but I'm not sure why you'd want to. :)

Enough of that for now... hopefully the next posting will be a little more interesting.

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