Saturday, December 6, 2008

Llamas (not bananas)

In a not-quite-comment, I was told by an e-mail reader that "the banana thing is quite weird." In an actual comment (which failed to address the "burning plastic issue"), I was asked, "What is it with you and bananas lately?" (And another question about abandoning topatos...)

To satisfy my readers, I am now posting a video which does not address the subject of bananas (although it does touch on the orange, a related object), and which features (in passing) the inspiration of the topato.

As a note: I think that, during the one place (I think there's only one) where it has a possessive word featured, it should be a plural instead of a possessive ("s" instead of "'s"). However, do not confuse the possessive with the contractive use of the apostrophe ("'"), which I think are all correct. However, the possessive could be applied, but I think the intended use is of the plural.

With that caveat (and the fact that the video is slightly repetitive and then ends abruptly mid-thought), enjoy:

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Christy said...

I watched it, but I must say I saw no correlation between llamas and topatos. However, I do appreciate the lack of bananas (although, I did recently read that banana peels can remove warts).