Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow, back to back posts! Aka, what I learned about Google...

I was looking through Google's Webmaster Tools about my [Lapse... brain dead] blog, and I learned a new way to search. Consider this:
"Lexus * retractor"
That will match "lexus <anything> retractor" - such as "lexus ls400 seatbelt retractor" - and my blog hits #1 billing on that particular search page! In fact, if you click the "show with the similar links" (or whatever the text is) at the bottom of the search page, my blog runs away with the hits on that particular search. But the main point is the search capability - I hadn't been aware of the "wildcard" search capability of Google, until now. This will open a whole new way of searching things - I often use Google to help find out how to do things I'm having trouble with in my job (software development; and I must say that the DataGridView of Microsoft Visual Studio is quite an infuriating beast! I'm sure that with experience it will turn out to be wonderful, and it definitely has some really cool features, but some of its idiosyncracies are really irksome at times, such as "how to change the focus of a cell during the "CellEndEdit" event - you can't call "<dataGridViewObject>.CurrentCell = <newCell>;" - that throws an exception at runtime due to "infinite recursion into the SetCurrentCellCore() (or similarly named) function" and stops you dead in the water. I suppose I could check it later, such as in the "on cell enter" function (if I've set something in the "EndEdit" to flag that I need to change my cell focus) or in the "dataGridView loses focus" event (if the user changed to a completely different control instead of to another cell in the data grid view object, although I'm not sure I could completely stop the change in focus outside the dataGridView). Sorry, getting way off on a tangent here...).

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Google search. I'll have to go back and re-educate myself about all the possible ways to search using Google. Could be some useful stuff I'm missing! Maybe I'll write you all a "Google User's HowTo" to help explain some of the more useful features I'm bound to uncover.

Till then, a topato!


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Tony M said...

Weird comment... I think maybe it's a spam comment... and your links are incorrect... :)