Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Protect the environment, not your country...?

Apparently California is more concerned about the protection of marine life than protection of the American way of life. Surprise, surprise.

Ok, I'm neither an environmentalist nor a marine biologist. I haven't studied whales. I am a former Naval enlistee (Nuclear Machinist's Mate), but not a military strategist (unless Axis & Allies, Risk, and similar strategy games count). But I think, given the state of the world today, I'd prefer to be on the side of American safety than the side of marine life safety. I hope America's enemies aren't reading the news, since they might detect a good striking point. (Well, maybe we can spare California... ok, sorry, I didn't really say that!)

Anyway, this is where we are. I'd relay the story of the mom who's suing Bombardier (the manufacturer of the Sea-Doo line of jet skis, which also makes trains like the New York Subways and aircraft) because her daughter died after running into a pier. The mom claims the daughter, 14, would never have ridden the machine if it had a warning label that says, "No one under 16 should operate this vehicle." This was after the daughter asked the mom about riding it, while they were staying at the mom's boss's house, and the mom said no. Then the mom had to go to the store, and the daughter said she wanted to stay with the boss, and then told the boss (after the mom was gone) that "mom said it was OK, can we ride?" The boss took her out, then gave her some instructions, and then said, "Ride it up 150 feet, turn around, and come back." The girl then rode off and eventually hit a pier, knocking her out and she drowned. Yeah, right, a warning label (that actually isn't even legal, since it's the states who make the requirements as to minimum age and any licensing requirements regarding the operation of personal watercraft) would have stopped her. Did I mention it's the individual states who make the requirements as far as age and licensing for these things, NOT the manufacturer? I mean, how many of your CARS have warning labels, "you must be 16 to operate this vehicle"? My motorcycle doesn't have that warning label, but could I sue Suzuki if my 14-year-old (unlicensed) son takes it out for a spin and kills himself? I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. It was an accident. It was lack of supervision by the mom which led to it. If anything, the boss could have been sued, but of course the boss doesn't have the money that Bombardier has (and the mom would have lost her job, too).

This nation is simply crazy. Someone has money? Let's find a way to sue them, because it's not right that they have it and we don't! I think Bombardier should be suing the woman for attempted robbery, defamation, etc. After all, she's trying to take away Bombardier's money, and she's trying to make it seem that Bombardier doesn't care about children and that they are irresponsible. Bombardier should sue the woman and her attorneys (who, undoubtably, are the ones who really thought up this whole scheme).

But, since I don't have the information (news article, etc.; I saw it on the news while I was in Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago), I won't tell you about that. Instead maybe I'll seek an attorney to sue Sylvania (the manufacturer of my TV), NBC, China, Greece, and the whole world, since I'm busy watching the Olympics when I could be doing something more productive, like sleeping or working. After all, I've been watching the Olympics a lot recently, and it's affecting my productivity. Sounds like time for a music video, but I can't embed it here (by the author's request at YouTube); you'll have to go here and watch it instead.

I have a pain in my side. Well, the side of my back. I'm afraid it's another kidney stone getting ready to try to make its way through the tiny tube the size of a human hair between my kidney and my bladder. Anyone have any thoughts on how to get rid of these things and prevent their formation? I still have some of the drugs left from the last one I had (which also was the first one and I was hoping also the last - final - one, but I'm currently afraid it's not), which should help once the pain really starts to kick in. Feel free to share any thoughts.


Christy said...

I'm with you on the frustration of lawsuits thing. Recently we (WHCA committee) had a person refuse to sign a release of liability form we require. She said that if her child was injured during our classes, she WOULD SUE! Alrighty then. I guess we won't be having your child join us, then, we will?
As far as the kidney stones go, I can only suggest you see my herbalist. I had a kidney infection a week or so ago, and the stuff she recommended to me worked like a charm.
Her name is Linda Lucas and her number is 535-4447. Hope you get well soon.

Hence said...

Considering my sister and niece live in CA, and I still know quite a few people there, I'd prefer it to be spared, if you don't mind. Thanks.

Tony M said...

Well, we can keep CA. I know a person or two out there myself. They're not all bad! :) (How's that for stereotyping? And I call myself a Christian! I'm only kidding about all this of course.)