Monday, June 30, 2008

Random thoughts

Hey, all. Sorry it's been a while since I posted... I have no excuse. I did give away some of my life force (blood) today. Does that count for anything? (Intersting note: well, first, I meant to type "interesting" but apparently "intersting" is a word: I'd give you the definition, but the Merriam Webster dictionary isn't working, and says it's not a word - not sure why it's in Google's - or maybe Firefox's - spell checker; anyway, back to the "interesting" part about the blood donation: the finger prick. [Anyone who has issues with blood, you might want to skip ahead to the next paragraph.] Now, given the choice, I'd prefer a human prick than the spring-loaded one, but they don't give me that choice anymore. And I have 'em prick my right hand since I sometimes use my left to fret my guitar and I figure I don't want the wound springing open while I'm doing that or, more likely, the pain from the prick-point while doing that. Anyway, the nurse had to prick my finger twice - apparently the first time wasn't deep enough to get enough blood out for the iron test. She tried and tried, but it just wouldn't bleed. I guess that's why they like it when I donate platelets... I think I must have a bunch. Anyway, it was a weird, two-finger-prick day today.)

Anyway, I was wondering if there are any non-carbonated drinks that feature caramel coloring as an ingredient. I'd like to see if, indeed, my addiction to dark, carbonated beverages has to do with the caramel coloring.

On another beverage note, and I may have already mentioned this in a post but I was thinking about it on the way home (and I tend to forget things), do you ever wonder if your 20 oz. plastic bottle is going to become a deadly weapon in the event of an accident in your airbag equipped car? I mean, if you hit something while you're drinking, and the airbag deploys, isn't it going to shove that bottle through your teeth, through your throat, and out the back of your skull? Not a very pleasant experience, I would imagine. So to be safe, I always turn towards the interior of the vehicle, away from the doors. After all, I also have side airbags in my van, so I figure, if I'm turned to the outside, I'll manage to be in an accident where the side airbag deploys first, knocking my drink back front & center before the front airbag deploys, shoving the bottle through (and out) the back of my throat. Thus, if you see me drinking a (dark, carbonated) beverage in a vehicle with airbags, you'll see me turned towards the inside of the vehicle.

On another vehicular note, take a look at this wikiHow: How to Avoid Annoying Other Drivers. Of course, most bad drivers either don't realize they're bad drivers or don't care (my opinion). In fact, that's probably one of the primary problems in the world today (well, you know, besides that whole "fallen world" thing): inconsideracy (a word I've made up). Or discourtesy, if you prefer. Regardless (irregardless, if you're my friend Dean), it's probably a root of most interpersonal struggles (again, my opinion).

Ok, figured I'd have to make a long post to make up for the lack of posts over the last week and a half. If you're still here, thanks for reading to the end! You get the "I read to the end" prize, which is my sincere appreciation. I know, not worth anything... sorry about that. If you're still here, drop a comment and let me know something you'd like me to write about next. I'll try to take all the ideas and make a single, cohesive post combining all the ideas into ... well, something. Hopefully something entertaining. (Yes, this is the "I'm too lazy to think of ideas for my next blog post" post. Take advantage of it while you can.)


Ninfa said...

I'm going to have Nightmares now. How very... detailed.

It's funny how too much detail can be a bad thing. There is something to blog about. When is too much detail bad?

Christy said...

Well, Dwight won't let the kids eat lollipops (or suckers) while we're in the car b/c (sorry) of the same reason you mentioned with the soda bottle. As far as what to blog about... I have my own blog so why would I want to give you any of my ideas? I've drawn a blank myself these days anyway, so there you go.

Laudio said...

Wow, this is late!

Okay, I'd like for you to post something about a steakhouse. Wait... never mind.

How about posting something on a nice, accessible time-wasting game? A "productivity enhancer"? The hedgehog launch was pretty cool, but the customization options might be too much for some people and they might not play it. Of course, steering people to another site won't get them commenting.

Tony M said...

Thanks for the comments - from 3 of my 5 readers! Woo-hoo! I'm at 60%, which isn't quite failing!

Anyway, keep the comments coming... I have a post to post (?!) before I get to the conglomeration of commenters' cogitations post (like that alliteration?). But stay tuned! It will come (after the next post, which I'm about to post after posting this post comment). Wow, there are a lot of words "post" showing up when you post a blog, or post about a blog post, or...