Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Post! New Desk Configuration!

Wow, Jan 23 was my last post? Sorry about that.

So, today I started "officially" working from home. (Well, technically I guess it's tomorrow that I start officially working from home, but whatever.) Granted, I've been working mainly from home for the last month or two (or four), but I still had a cube at the office, with some tech goodies there (monitor, USB docking station for my laptop, etc.). Today is officially my last day in that particular office, and instead I'm now officially
working from home. This is really nice, as it saves me about 60 minutes and 60 miles of travel each day (and with gas over $3/gallon, that really adds up: even in my BMW, which averages about 26 mpg, that's about 2.3 gallons per day, or roughly 11.5 gallons a week - that is, about $35/week or about $140/month saved by not travelling to/from the office across the bay).

However, the really nice part is the fact that I brought all those "goodies" from the office home, which allowed me to do this:

Yeah, that's right: I have three displays. (OK, Mr. Tech Nerd with a whole wall of displays, you have me beat, but hey, I've been living with just the laptop and one display - both at home and at the office - for, well, since I started working here.) Granted, the laptop is sitting a little higher than the other two displays, and it's still a pretty small resolution (and far, far away), but that's OK; I can just put my e-mail over there and keep it up and visible but out of the way of my main working space, and now I can lay out my code and form designers side-by-side, or various other things, which should make me twice as productive (so it's a win for the company, too!).

OK, kids need the office for bedtime (we have multiple guests that are occupying their bedrooms, so they got booted). So, I gotta scoot...

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Laudio said...

Major congratulations on your raise! Also, semi-jealousy regarding your display configuration (and your raise, of course).