Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enter the quiet zone

Here i sit, on my front porch, trying to be quiet so my dog doesn't know I'm here. Waiting to see if he can escape our back yard, hoping the new blocks we put up on several of the openings under the fence will keep him trapped back there. It sure is quiet around here. All except for the lone bark from the dog out back and the occasional nature sound. And my wife, who won't be quiet enough and thought I was joking when I said we'd give him an hour to try to escape (I love you, dear!), and the laughing from the boys and my wife (they just don't get this whole secretive thing; they'd make terrible spies or ninjas).

It's rather nice, actually; a little cool, but nice, relaxing, a break from the hectic pace of my normal life (then again, what am I doing while sitting on the front stairs? I'm blogging on my phone!).

Boy, things are quickly getting weird around here. Maybe I'll go see if the dog's still back there. Potentially more updates to come...

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