Friday, March 11, 2011

Why I liked Chris Myers Nissan on Facebook

Recently I "liked"  Chris Myers Buick GMC on Facebook. While I've never actually shopped there in person, and their used car prices seem quite high compared to KBB, they said they'd donate $1 to earthquake relief in Japan (through the Red Cross disaster relief, I think) for each person who likes them on Facebook. Which is, I suppose, a good enough reason to like them. (As an aside, why do companies limit their donations with these silly gimmicks? I know, it's advertising, but still.)

A few years back I was in the nuclear plant in Fukushima for several days that is all over the news now. Coincidentally, one day while there we felt an earthquake... obviously not of the same magnitude as this one. It's quite interesting the construction techniques, though. Seems as if everything that might have issues with the shaking in earthquakes is built on a floating, rather than rigid, platform (for example, the data room we were in at the time was on the third floor, and the building was designed to sway with the shaking rather than rigidly withstand the shaking, and the bathroom of the hotel was on a floating, raised floor, so that the piping could freely move, I assume).

Anyway, that's my story or two related to earthquakes and Chris Myers automobile franchise. Unimportant compared to the disaster, of course; just doing my little part to help by liking Chris Myers, and a bigger part by praying for those affected.

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