Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Done!

I (finally) filed my taxes today. I should have done this a while back... but kept putting it off. But it's finally done. My dad usually gets really busy this time of year... he's a CPA (in fact, he's Emmitt Smith's accountant... at least until he retires, likely later this year). Funny thing: his birthday is April 15. Go figure. My birthday was around Christmas... maybe I should be a Santa Clause or, even better, a gift receiver! :)

For those who may not have noticed, SiRF Technologies, whose stock I mentioned the other day (in my last super-long blog post), closed at $6.50 today - that's up over 18% from two days ago. Now, again, let me reiterate: I'm not a financial advisor. If I had spare money, though, I'd probably put a bit of it into SiRF Technologies stock. (Of course, the fact that I don't have money ought to be a pretty strong warning about my financial sense; I'm working on that, though - I now have a plan to get out of the debt I've allowed to accumulate over the years - woohoo! Just don't ask me when I'll be debt free... I've a ways to go, but it's a solid plan. Assuming I stick to it.) Here's a wikiHow that might help: How to Be Happy With Your Car. Still haven't fixed my car... need to get my tax refund in order to have money to order the parts...

Ok, I have to end this now... otherwise it may be a "long post" - and at least half of you prefer short posts - the other half doesn't care (see the poll to the right). Oh, and my wife said I can't post the picture of the mouse in our mousetrap... but if you really want to see it, contact me (I did take it with my phone, so it's not that great in terms of quality). Later, all... have to go eat my Sprees, drink my Diet Coke with Splenda, and watch a movie.

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Ninfa said...

Okay, let me explain something here. The purpose of me NOT wanting you to show the picture was two fold. 1) it was just nasty and I did not want that picture floating around out there. 2) I did not want the rest of the world to know that we had to put the trap out. I hate the fact that we have to do this every few months because they keep finding a way in. I guess it is my fault for not making it more clear when I said "don't post that." You assumed I was talking about that picture alone. Well we all know what happens when you ass-u-me something. :)