Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm happily tired.

We went to Birmingham today, to the Aldridge Botanical Gardens, where my sister-in-law had invited us to a scavenger hunt of sorts - the "Itty-Bitty Magic City Scavenger Hunt" (in The Birmingham News). They had 25 pictures of close-ups of things in and all around the gardens area, and you had to find them and write them down and then send in the answers. We spent hours scouring the area. There were 9 of us altogether (my family of 6, my sister- and brother-in-law, and a friend of our daughter), so we split up into two teams, boys vs. girls. The boys won, of course, in a come-from-behind finish that is still being contested (the girls said we "cheated" by trading help with other seekers; however, we never simply copied an answer, and no one ever pointed out to us where any items were - we had visual confirmation of every item on the list! and we filled in all the blanks first, which is what we consider victory). Anyway, it was a lot of fun... out and about all day with the family (and then some). But now I'm worn out.

I highly recommend stuff like this when the opportunity presents itself. That's probably one of the reasons I enjoy geocaching - it's a fun family time (at least I try to make it that way, although I have done some on my own).

One question though: is it currently buzzard season? I hope so, since we were scavenger hunting... :)


Laudio said...

This comment is sure to spark even more controversy than the contested win itself:

"The boys won, of course..."


Tony M said...

Yes, that was deliberate... particularly in light of our contested victory... :)