Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, if I live to be 74, my life here on earth is half over. The question is, what do I have to show for the first half of my life? Money, things, wealth? Education, status, fame, power? Even if I DID have those things, they would be meaningless, since they won't follow after human death. So, what IS worth having? Well, I hope that I have impacted my children, and that it's a good impact. I hope that I've directed at least one person toward the Lord. And I hope that act II of my life is useful in the eyes of God. If you catch me off that course, please feel free to attempt to redirect me; you know, waving, shouting, running me down with a dump truck and tying me to the bumper and dragging me back to the right path, that sort of thing. And now I'm going to enjoy my diet Coke and hopefully soon a Red Robin burger.


Christy said...

I don't think I'd have the energy to run you down and tie you to a dump truck. So how about if I just say, "Hey, Tony, get back on track" or something like that?

Tony M said...

That would work, although I meant "run me down WITH the dump truck" so it shouldn't take that much energy: run me over, then (while I'm still down and probably unconscious or at least not struggling) tie me to it and drive it back to the right path.

But word will do, too. :)