Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A fight! A fight!

I am sore, and I am beat. Yes, I was in a fight... with my Lexus! But the family pitched in, and the air-to-conventional suspension conversion process is 87.5% complete - well, not counting reinstalling the rear interior - seats and everything - and clipping the wires that provide the "air suspension error" warning, which seems a silly warning if you've explicitly turned OFF the air suspension (there's a switch in the trunk). All four of the air shocks have been removed, and three of the four conventional shocks have been installed.

But it's late, I'm pretty beat up (I'm walking - not like an "old" man, but like a "decrepit old" man). The fourth shock just doesn't want to go in... so I've put off its installation for the evening and will go borrow a spring compressor from an auto parts store in the morning.

The whole thing isn't quite as simple as the instructions on the internet would have you believe: "30 minutes per shock." Or maybe it's just my lack of mechanical skill (due to lack of practice)... it's more like three times that amount per shock for me.

But I'm saving, what, $200 or $300 for someone else to install it?

Ugh... in retrospect, it may have been worth the $200 or $300 because I have a feeling I'm going to spend that much in pain killers and massage therapy over the next few weeks...

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Christy said...

"decrepit", huh? ;0)