Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alligator, anyone?

I was just perusing the various Alabama licensing requirements and fees, possibly going to renew a fishing license, and noticed this (yes, I know the following "list" is poorly formatted; get over it- I'm in a hurry!):
  • Alligator Farm: $1,000.00
  • -- Allows residents to engage in business of raising alligators for restocking, propagation, and other commercial purposes.
  • Alligator Parts Dealer: $100.00
  • -- Allows residents to deal in alligator parts and to buy partsfrom an alligator farmer for the purpose of reselling or manufacturing.
  • Alligator Retailer: $5.00
  • -- Allows residents to purchase alligator parts and sell canned alligator parts and allows restaurant to sell alligator meat for consumption.
Ok then... never knew that.  Guess it's good information in case I want to start working in the Alligator farming/trading field, eh?

Weird: I already have a label for "alligators"... when did I post on that before?  I may have to go re-read some of my old blog posts!

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