Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Based on a Note on a friend's Facebook site, I thought I'd pose this question: is it no longer considered bad manners for a man to eat (e.g., in a restaurant) while wearing a hat? Personally, I think it's still "bad manners" to be indoors wearing a hat in general; then again, I was in the Navy for 6 years, and military etiquette (tradition) is to remove headwear indoors. (I figure the military is one of the few organizations that still, through its traditions, tends to promote good manners in general.)

What else are we losing as far as manners in this country and age? "Ma'am" and "sir"? Holding doors for others? Elbows on tables? Cleaning up after yourself (e.g., at a restaurant)? Not inconveniencing others? The simple courtesy of well-written (and proof-read) English (and not using "internacronyms" like "AFAIK" and "IMHO" and "b/c" (etc.) in our written papers)? Respect for authority and elders?

Is there anything we can do about this trend? I personally try to be a good example of good manners to my children and others around me (although I admit I am not perfect at it; I've even eaten while wearing a baseball cap - but usually only in fast-food places - but does the location really even matter?). Your thoughts?


Christy said...

I agree that displaying good manners is a lost art. We've taught Dawson to remove his hat when praying, but just being indoors and removing his hat, we haven't instilled. I guess it's just the change of culture and all. What was once considered proper has long since gone down the drain. A gentleman used to bow or tip his hat when a lady approached him. Ladies used to curtsey. Now there's rarely an acknowledgment of other people's presence, much less a bow or curtsy. Times they are achangin'. Of course, for the worse in most areas. Take the way our kids address adults now. Yes, they still say "Mr." or "Mrs." but the adults first names, NOT their last. Also, in church, I was always taught to address any elder as "Brother" or "Sister" so-and-so. Now we're all on a first name basis (if we actually know the person's name). I could go on, but I'll end here.

Tony M said...

Thanks for the exceptional comment! Finally I feel like I've made a mark on the blogging world! :)

Of course, I have nothing else to add now...