Monday, December 15, 2008

How to stack chairs and start a nation

Tonight was my daughter's choir concert - which was really good - and afterward they asked us to all pitch in and stack chairs on the racks. Now, this is something that I've grown aware of: people don't know how to stack chairs on a two-level, hanging rack. They often stack them on the top rack first. This is NOT the way you should stack them, as once the top rack is filled it becomes difficult to add chairs to the lower rack. Indeed, once the top rack is filled, it's quite easy to accidentally knock chairs off the top rack while trying to add to the bottom rack, and it's difficult to see the bottom rack to accurately place the chairs (and you end up knocking off the top rack chairs onto your head, which while some may consider this fun, usually actually isn't). Put the chairs on the bottom rack first, then on the top rack. It's easier to see the top rack when the bottom's filled than vice-versa, and you don't typically end up knocking chairs off the bottom rack by putting them on the top rack. Next time you stack chairs, be sure to do it from the bottom up... and make it loudly, obnoxiously known to all around of your superior chair racking skills. (Kidding on that last part, but do try to encourage bottom-first racking of chairs.)

So, you're tired of living in a nation that doesn't line up 100% with your ideals, eh? Why not do something about it? No, not like running for president or writing a congressman... I mean, starting your own nation! I saw this today and though, "Well, now, my 3 blog readers would be wonderful candidates for starting their own nations! Especially after they know how to correctly stack chairs on a rack!" Just think of me when you do, maybe throw a "TM" in the corner of your nation's flag or on your national currency or something.

I have more thoughts... but it's late, I'm tired, and there's much work to be done tomorrow (in other words I can't take the day off from work), so I think I'd better get some rest. My thoughts might not be even this coherent if I continue much longer.

And, so, adieu!

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