Friday, September 20, 2013

Missing (a two for one special)

Two for one in more ways than one: first, this is the 2nd post of the day. Second, there are two "missings" here. Well, maybe three.

First, Tiffany Daniels, a 25-year-old female employee of Pensacola State College, is still missing, having not been seen since August 12th when she left PSC a few minutes early. Her story is falling out of the news, but you can get the latest updates at the Help Find Tiffany Facebook page. Her family would like help expanding the search area and getting the word out in neighboring states (hence my sharing here again).

Second, Henry Blackaby, noted author of Experiencing God, is missing since yesterday afternoon. The 78-year-old pastor/author was last seen in his black Lincoln around 4pm on Thursday (the 19th) in the Atlanta area, where he's believed to still be. If you're in the Atlanta area, be on the lookout. He's diabetic and didn't have his meds with him.

Third, common sense is missing. Hasn't been seen in drivers in south Alabama in quite some time. If you're planning to turn, please use your turn signal to indicate to those around you your intentions. For example, if you're turning right, and there's a car waiting to come out at the road where you're planning to turn, your indicating your intentions will allow the person waiting to go ahead and pull out instead of waiting until you've slowed and turned. And don't pull out in front of people, but if you do, please accelerate quickly instead of poking around while the person behind you is screeching to a halt. And if you're picking up your kids from school, and there's no one in the pickup line, don't stop at the very back of the pickup area to pick up your kids while blocking up the pickup line and not letting anyone behind you get in to where the kids are.

OK, three for one missing special. Have a great weekend!

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