Thursday, December 15, 2011

Like this post!

Does anyone other than me find it annoying to go to a Facebook page, especially after clicking an ad in the sidebar that you may be interested in reading, and finding that you can't actually view anything on the page until you click "like"? What's the point in that? How am I supposed to know whether I "like" the page before you let me look at the content? STUPID! I think Facebook should prevent that type of code from being added to pages. (In particular, I clicked on the Edmunds "100 worst cars of all time" ad/link - and couldn't see anything on the Edmunds Facebook page until I clicked "like" on the page; afterward, I couldn't even find the article - or a link to it - on that page! I did eventually search "100 worst cars" and found the article - on Edmunds' site - but oh, how silly, to have to go through liking (and then unliking) the page on Facebook, especially when the article wasn't even there... why didn't they just link the ad to their article on the Edmunds site to begin with?)

Now, like this post, or you can't read it! Wait...

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