Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Weekend to You!

So, another animal trainer killed by its "pet" - in this case, an elephant tramples its circus trainer. From the article, "It was unclear what spooked the elephant." I wonder, are they considering murder? You know, someone let slip that the elephant trainer got paid a little more than the lion tamer, so Mr. Lion Tamer (Mrs. Lion Tamer if the use of "Mr." as a generic for "title of address irrespective of gender when said gender is unknown" offends you - nah, I take it back, forget I added this sentence and just read "Mr." in reference to "generic person" and get over it) places a mouse near the elephant's tent during cleaning time and then startles the mouse, causing it to rush under the tent and startle the elephant... "The incident was classified as a workplace accident" - nope, that's not being considered, I guess.

I mean no disrespect in the above; elephants are my favorite animal, and humans rank fairly highly up there as well. What I do really find amusing is this: "The victim is not being identified until next-of-kin have been notified." Hmm... the family sees an article about an elephant trainer being killed by its trainer (note the use of "its" to avoid the "his/her" issue as in the previous paragraph), at the Pennsylvania James Hamid Circus performing at the Irem Shrine in Wilkes-Barre, and they're not supposed to know who it is because "the victim is not being identified" - really. All that other info isn't identifying enough of the elephant trainer at the James Hamid Circus performing in Wilkes-Barre this week. Sometimes the "intelligence" in the media is, well, baffling.

On another note, dense fog cause the Polish president's plane to crash during landing. Thing is, they were told the airport was closed and they should land at a different one, and they tried unsuccessfully three time prior to the fourth - and final, fatal - attempt.

Now a question: why, when referring to guitars (specifically, the body of a guitar), is it "top, back, and sides"? Shouldn't it be "front, back, and sides" or "top, bottom, and sides"?

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