Saturday, March 6, 2010

Linky post

I think I like Old Spice commercials. Nearly as much as the Allstate rice krispy treat commercial (which I can't seem to find online).

Do you know what color alien plants are? NASA thinks they do. I wonder, though... is this what we're spending our space tax money on? Thinking about what color alien plants are?

In case you missed it, Hello From Earth has sent a radio message at a potentially life-supporting extra-solar planet. Only 19 years, 353 (or so) days (at the time of this blog post) till it arrives. Plus another 20 years for any return message. Isn't it exciting?

The iPod, it iMac, the iPhone, the iPad, the iShoe... why is "i" the new "e"? eMachines, etc. Talk about a selfish, self-centered, self-oriented society - we now equate everything "cool" with "i"...

Legally sold drugs, unknown manufacturer: K2. Don't let your kids have this! From the article: "Although the company manufacturing K2 is unknown, it is legally available for purchase in the U.S. by anyone, including minors." Really? Sounds fishy to me... and why would you buy something that you don't know who made it?

Think about this the next time you're getting ready to take off. What was this guy thinking? It wasn't even "take your kid to work day"!

This one may become a fuller post later, but for now, looks like the national parks of the US are the next Columbian highlands.

Finally: calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy!

And now I've exhausted a lot of my recent "potential blog posts" Google Bookmarks. Hope you've enjoyed! Now I'm going to go eat while I'm watching the guys try to polish giraffe poop on Mythbusters. Fun.


Marie said...

There's a big ol' party of hodgepodgeness that goes on in your head, isn't there? :)

Tony M said...

"Farrago" - let's go with that. It sounds fancy.

A farrago of interestingness inhabits my mind.