Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's your personal communication device of choice?

Nokia E71 hold in the palmImage via Wikipedia

I (currently) use a Nokia E71 (like the one in the pic). I have, in the past, used a variety of Motorola and Samsung devices (although the Razr is not one of them: I had it for a day or two before I returned it for a Samsung device). Currently in my family are a couple of Samsungs (wife, son) and a couple of Nokias (daughter, me). There are a few shortcomings of the Nokia, though: no UMA ("unlicensed mobile access" - routes GSM via TCP/IP - that is, your "cell" calls go through your wireless internet router); doesn't support T-Mobile's 3G (it's a different frequency spectrum than, say, AT&T's 3G); doesn't have some of the cool, new Android apps and junk from Google (like Navigator, Skymap, etc.). And the update of the firmware nearly killed it, but things seem nearly back to normal now.

I think I'd like an Android phone (don't tell my wife, unless you happen to be offering one for free). Like the Motorola Cliq or the Google Nexus One. I'd like to play with the Android development tools, but mostly I'd like some of the cool, free apps. Like Navigator or Skymap. Of course, I don't think they do UMA, but they do support T-Mobile's 3G frequencies (not that it matters much here, since I don't think T-Mobile has implemented 3G near the Gulf).

Anyway, what personal communication device do you currently use? Do you like it? Why that one? Is there one in the past that is one of your favorites? Is there one you'd really, really like to have? Do you use internet on your phone? What else do you use on your phone - maps? E-mail? Chat/IM?

And/or, is there a really cool application that should be developed for ? Something that maybe I could work on in all my spare time? (Sorry, Jane, I'll get your book back to you soon, I promise!)
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