Saturday, December 26, 2009


Looks like tic-tac has changed their packaging (see pic). In addition to the change in the lid, the bottom of the box is contoured (inset), and the whole box is now made of a more flexible material, rather than the former brittle plastic.

Also, it says, on the wrapping, "product of Ecuador" - so, I may now have eaten a product produced by someone who had cuy for lunch. That is, guinea pig. Cool! I'm one step closer to dining on the wonderful household pet!

(Yes, I know, they're manufactured on an assembly line, not actually hand-produced, and eating this doesn't really get me any closer to eating one myself, but I can pretend, right? All I want for Christmas is roast guinea pig, roast guinea pig, roast guinea pig... OK, I know, they're usually barbecued, and that's how I'd like to try it, but "barbecued" didn't fit the song's meter like "roast" did.)

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