Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny yellow line

I was watching the Patriots/Titans game, in the snow, and it's funny: the "yellow line" (1st down marker) sometimes goes across the players, since the snow is similar in color to the white on the uniforms. In particular, there was one close-up of a Patriot as he walked backward to the formation or huddle, and his helmet is VERY close to the color of the snow, so the yellow line showed across his helmet, very plainly and obviously.

I would upload the video of it (took a short clip on my phone, pointed at the TV, which actually worked and is visible), but I think that might violate the Google/Blogger terms of use, since the NFL games always say, "Any rebroadcast without express, written consent of the NFL is prohibited." Sorry, but I will respect that little tagline and, since I don't have the NFL's express, written consent, not rebroadcast that tiny little clip of a portion of their original broadcast. But it was funny! Take my word for it!

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