Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nerf (-like) fun for everyone!

I think I may have found a new hobby (as mentioned in this post): Nerf rifling. More specifically, foam-dart rifling, as my current weapon is a Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle. I recently ran across a fun little blog: CSMacLaren's Nerf Intelligence Files.

Seems there are lots of places about Nerf Rifling... this is just one, which happens to do comparisons of various brand foam-dart rifles. I'm currently looking into the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Refill clip/shell/dart sets, as a mere 6 shots is insufficient for a four-man game of two-hits-you're-out foam-dart-rifle-tag. Now, if we each had three loaded clips... well, for those of you who can't do multiplication, that's 18 shots each (with 3 simple clip-swap reloads). Might have to pick up some of the 20-shot motorized tommy-gun type rifles or some of the other pistols (single-shot or multi-capacity with the rotating chamber loaders) for backups. The advantage of some of the other styles is the loading of bare darts (as opposed to the cool-yet-cumbersome shell-dart-clip loading mechanism of the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle).

This is good exercise; I'm not just playing games. Really.

Oh, one more idea I had: getting the "velcro-tipped" darts (like the ones from Nerf Tag) and having everyone dress in flannel from head to toe (i.e., we'd all be running around in our PJs) so the darts would stick. Then you'd know if you'd been tagged!

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