Sunday, August 31, 2008


A vehicle presumably evacuating from south Alabama or Mississippi or Louisiana had a message for all the other evacuees en route away from the coast. See the picture.


cosmiccowgirl said...

And you know for some darn reason they are heading for Texas. At least the ones evacuating from Gustav right now. You would think they would head to another place, like north perhaps, that was not ALSO in danger of catching the storm.
Plus, our mayor said this time the Astrodome will not be open for business. No offensive, Katrina evacuees.

Tony M said...

Yeah, the Gov'nor of Alabama, in his press conference, said something to the effect that Alabama was preparing to shelter evacuees from LA & MS, but that they should head NORTH and not EAST INTO OTHER COASTAL AREAS.

What really bugs me are the way people drive when evacuating. There's not really any reason that traffic should be stop & go on the interstate, even with a huge increase in traffic volume. If people would continue to drive as normal, things would be fine. Well, let me rephrase that - if people would drive in a considerate manner as normal people should, not necessarily "normal" as their "normal" may be really, inconsiderately stupid, things would be fine. Don't drive 60 mph in the left lane (past a sign that says "Slower Traffic Keep Right" no less!) with miles of traffic backed up behind you! Get on over into the right lane and let those who actually want to drive the speed limit (or perhaps a reasonably-safe speed that might be slightly in excess of the posted limit) go on by.

But that was yesterday, and now I'm home. Unfortunately I happened to have been going along with a lot of people evacuating Gustav.

Laudio said...

So how are people driving down there now?

I'm ready for a new blog post! You're just being lazy, you know...