Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well, I'm a little disappointed in the response to my last post: only two comments so far (note to the commenters: thank you! I sincerely appreciate your comments and value your input, even though it's "blank" from one of you... :) ). Thus, I'll have to postpone the posting of the post in response to your post comments (wow, that's a lot of "post" words in one sentence!). But it will come - as soon as I have a few more ideas to incorporate into some grandiose story.

So, anyway, we were at Outback tonight, and I thought, "I'd like to live in a steakhouse. Granted, it'll probably get smelly after a while, and fly infested, but if you ever get hungry, you can just gnaw on the walls for a snack!" You know, steakhouse, kind of like a gingerbread house, but steak instead. You'd probably want to make it a beef-jerky-like house, since that would help provide some stiffness to the structure and the cured meat would be more resistant to spoiling. That, and I like beef jerky.

You'd have to be careful about what pets you have, though... a dog would quite literally eat you out of house and home if you lived in a steakhouse. A cat might, too. Certainly a lion or tiger would be a bad pet for such a home, and birds might pick at it as well. You'd need pets like hamsters or gerbils or guinea pigs (my favorite) that are dedicated herbivores and wouldn't be tempted to nibble on your abode. But imagine the parties you could throw there! (Did I ever mention that back in high school I used to like to say I was searching for "participles and gerbils" in sentences [instead of "participles and gerunds"]?)


Christy said...

You are too funny. I mean, really a 'steak' house?! Good grief, man! How do you think up this stuff? Nevermind, I don't think I want to know.

Tony M said...

I didn't think it up - I was at Outback steakhouse. I just pay attention. That's from where most of it comes. (Ok, there was one that I deliberately thought of while trying to think of a joke; but it wasn't steakhouse.)

Oh, wait, I mean, "Thanks!"

Tony M said...

PS - if you want to see things I observe, my brother once said something like, "Shirley ewe joust!" (after I'd commented on a typographical error on his MySpace - err, HisSpace, not MySpace - that thing is difficultly named, I think!).

Anyway, "ewe jousting" - click the link and take a look (if you haven't before)!