Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grow things...

If you're interested in raising live food for your fish, here's a link to raising mosquito larvae. What a brilliant idea: let's give people, who are notorious for laziness (ok, maybe that's just me), directions on how to deliberately raise mosquito larvae! If you don't follow up, you've just unleashed a horde of nasty, blood-sucking critters into your yard and neighborhood. (I found a place in my yard where we were accidentally raising mosquito larvae - an old slide off our playset was capturing rainwater under the deck - I dumped the water and disposed of the slide.)

Don't grow trees - at least, not if they're going to die and become stumps that plague you for weeks, months... yep, the stump's still there. Of course, I've not worked on it in about a week.

In case you missed it, Pluto is now called a "Plutoid" - that's the term for "transneptunian dwarf planets similar to Pluto" according to the International Astronomical Union. Of course, to me, Pluto will always be my favorite planet - I don't care if they want to call it something else. Ok, maybe I'll call it a "plutoid" as well - but it's still "Planet Number 9" in my book. Er, in my blog, I guess.

Also, did you see the article about the guy who shot himself in the head with a nail gun, and the doctors removed the nail from his skull and brain with a claw hammer? Reminds me a bit of the pointed part of this blog post... and that post reminds me about global warming. Remember my discussion about being addicted to caramel coloring (in dark sodas)? That makes about as much sense as the "concept" of anthropogenic (human induced) global warming. If you never took a look at my article on Not-tional Geographic, go ahead now...

Later, all. (Oh, ps: I recently activated a Twitter account... you can find me under the user profile "Kingdad" - similar to my Geocaching account name.)

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