Saturday, May 24, 2008

Geocaching Post #3

Well, guess what this post is about?

Ninfa ("the queen") and I ("Kingdad") went geocaching today. Found four altogether, so I'm only another four away from reaching a milestone (maybe "centistone"): 100 caches found! My current tally is 96 (just in case you missed the "four away" reference). We found a couple of urban type micros (ok, one was suburban), and the other two were a nice hike up a portion of Wade Mountain. So, yeah, now we're tired (and no stump pulling involved).

Now I'm trying to sit & relax & watch "Hot Rod" - a nice, wholesome family movie (ok, not really, but it's funny!). Unfortunately, my DVD player isn't working properly, freezing & skipping a lot. Stupid DVD player. Maybe it's time to cough up the $30 for a new one at Wal-Mart or Target. Of course, that would be a really cheap one, and it would probably not last very long either.

Anyway, the frozen pizza is ready... Red Barron Garlic Crust Pepperoni Pizza - it's a really good frozen pizza (well, not so good frozen, I would expect - I've never tried it that way - but it's really good once you've heated it up in the oven!). Go enjoy one yourself!

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