Thursday, April 17, 2008


Why is it called de-odorant when it's actually fragrant? It doesn't remove odor, it covers it up (and adds its own, which sometimes, in some cases, might be worse than what it's trying to cover). My son suggested perhaps it used to be called odorant, as in back in Boston when people would say, "Go get de odorant from de store!" And it became shortened to "de-odorant" and then simply "deodorant" (ok, he made up the short version, and I expanded it).

Oh, and why is it "anti-persperant" and "de-odorant"? Why the two differing prefixes? And why is it prefixes and not prefices (you know, like "matrix" and "matrices")?

For those who may have missed the Wednesday Night Jokes (because you don't work in our AWANA office), here you go:
  • pediatricians: men of little patients
  • insanity: the desire to have children
Ok, not so good, perhaps. How about this one, then: "ABCDE" - a phrase you might hear when a striped insect visits an ophthalmologist or optometrist. (Think about it for a while if you don't get it right away, and perhaps try saying the phrase out loud, sort of slowly; leave a comment if you don't get it and I'll explain in more detail.)

Still waiting on the seatbelt part I bought off e-bay (it took a long time for the paypal transaction to clear). This one-car lifestyle isn't exactly inducive (yeah, I made up that word) of ease-of-... well, life. Ah, soon, soon... anyone got a free (working) car they are looking to donate to a family in need? :) I know, I know... learn to be content, all that...


Christy said...

I think I've told you this before, but some of your thoughts remind me of Gallagher's. I still laugh over his remark, "Why do we drive in a parking lot, but park in a driveway". =0)

Oh and I removed my playlist from myspace.

Tony M said...

You didn't have to remove your playlist... I was just giving you a hard time about it! :)

Hence said...

I call it B.O. deterrant. (Sometimes.)

Jane said...

X-L-N post!

Here's one for you:

C D B?

D B S A B-Z B.

O, S N-D!


See the bee? The bee is a busy bee. O, yes indeed!

Tony M said...

I got most of that, except I thought the last statement was directed at the fictional Jones archaeologist ("O, Yes, Indy!"). :)